Alpha Male XL Reviews - What Is It?

James Davis

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Alpha Male XL is a supplement that is advertised to boost your testosterone levels and to improve sexual activity. It is even compared to an over-the-counter viagra. The manufacturer of the product promises that it will boost your libido and increase muscle mass within only 60 days. This sounds amazing, but does the supplement really work as claimed on the official website? We will try to answer this question by looking at its main ingredients.

The official website of Alpha Male XL is not very informative. It does not even supply the full ingredient list. The company behind Alpha Male XL is unknown. The official website was made in July, 2015. The product can be bought directly from the official website or from outside retailers. This product is said to contain maca, horny goat weed, mucuna pruriens, yohimbe bark, polypodium vulgare, saw palmetto, arginine, muira puama, and panax ginseng. According to some other websites selling Alpha Male XL, it is clinically proven testosterone booster. As the label says one serving is two capsules. There are 30 servings in each bottle, but it is unknown if you should take it once a day.

Ingredients of Alpha Male XL - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The list of the ingredients in Alpha Male XL formula is quite standard. Unfortunately, the whole ingredient list is not provided on the official website which makes it difficult to define whether the supplement contains harmful chemical ingredients or not. As this risk still exists, beware of possible side effects and allergic reactions. The major component is Horny Goat Weed which is said to work by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the male body. This substance is known to be a vasodilator, so it is expected to supply the male penis with more blood. As a result, you are expected to have better erections. However, high doses of this substance may cause excessive sweating and irregular heart rhythms.

Alpha Male XL

Maca which is said to be an ancient Peruvian aphrodisiac, so it is used to increase sex drive. However, it has some contraindications to usage. For example, people with thyroid conditions should not use maca because it can cause goiter. Mucuna Pruriens is another aphrodisiac that is promised to boost your libido, however, it should be used with caution by narrow-eye glaucoma sufferers and those who have a history of melanoma or suspicious and undiagnosed skin lesions. In general, Mucuna Pruriens works due to L-DOPA it contains. This is a dopamine precursor used for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease. That is why I don't think that it has powerful aphrodisiac properties.

Yohimbe Bark is believed to increase blood circulation to the penis for harder erections, however, it is not recommended by the FDA because of its possible side effects. According to, there is insufficient evidence of its effectiveness for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, exercise performance, and sexual problems.

Saw Palmetto is thought to boost prostate health and can even delay the need for prostate surgery. It is used for the treatment of BPH symptoms, including increasing urinary flow, reducing urinary frequency, and decreasing nighttime urination. The mechanism of action of this compound is unknown, thus it needs more scientific research. Muira Puama is a traditional remedy for sexual dysfunction that works due to its aphrodisiac properties. However, it lacks studies to prove these effects. Besides, Muira puama may cause a number of dangerous side effects. Consult your health care provider before using this remedy.

L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide in the human body, so it helps to improve the blood flow to the male organ. It is also known to be able to dilate and relax the arteries, which is also important for better erections. Ginseng is known for its ability to improve overall health and the immune system. It also helps to reduce stress and the symptoms of male erectile dysfunction. It works by enhancing blood flow.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

My first concern about Alpha Male XL is its effectiveness. I cannot believe void claims of the manufacturer that the formula is clinically proven. I need documented evidence, but it is absent. There are no links to any studies, which makes me think that the company simply lies. Nobody known for sure what is hidden inside the capsules.

Alpha Male XL does cause side effects, despite the makers’ claim that it is a completely safe testosterone booster. There are many reports of unpleasant side effects. Some users complain getting headaches and flushing, while others suffer from excessive sweating and urinating a lot. The most unpleasant effect is numbness, especially in the morning. You are never protected from panic attacks and anxiety.

As it was already mentioned, there is no scientific evidence of the safety of Alpha Male XL ingredients. There is nothing in the formula to support the claims about higher testosterone levels. Besides, some of the components are associated with increased blood pressure, breathing issues, and chest pain. Let us have a look at personal results of real users.

"I took Alpha Male XL in order to boost my energy and testosterone levels but it did not have any positive effect at all. On the opposite, this stuff caused me panic attacks and anxiety. Waste of time and money"

"AlphaMale XL is a harmful product. It gave me facial flushing and a headache. I also get cold sweats, a runny nose, and cold chills. My overall feeling is not good as well. Save your money for buying fruits and vegetables better"

"Whatever is in the AlphaMaleXL capsules it has absolutely no positive effect on my body. On the contrary, it gave me terrible side effects. An hour after taking this product I started feeling achy and numb. Two hours later I was very nauseous. I left work early and went home to have rest"

Where To Buy Alpha Male XL?

The product can be bought directly from the official website or from some retailers. It is available through One-month supply costs about $31 including free shipping. None of the following retailers carry the product: Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, and CVS.

My Final Summary

Alpha Male XL cannot be recommended to usage because of some cons. When making a research of the product, I didn't see any worthy results. The pills do not increase testosterone levels as promised. The amounts of the used ingredients aren't given, so it is unknown what doses are really effective. Yohimbe contained in the supplement can be dangerous for some users, especially those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or take any medications on a regular basis. The product is only available online. I suggest you looking for a product that contains all clinically proven ingredients and is not associated with any side effects.

Affordable Alternative

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