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Black ant pills are a supplements that is designed to improve sexual activity of men who suffer from premature ejaculation, impotence, lack of sex drive or erectile problems. The product is available in a capsule form and is mentioned to have participated in some clinical experiments, however, there is no official proof of this claim. The supplement is said to be made up of herbal ingredients to ensure better erections, maintain proper sexual activity and improve a user's overall health. Other effects mentioned by the manufacturer include strengthening of libido, getting rid of erection problems and premature ejaculation.

According to the official website that contains poor manufacturer information, Black ant pills are expected to keep effects for up to a week. The manufacturer doesn't mention any possible side effects or adverse reactions which may occur when using the product. Some people may be allergic to its ingredients, but the company doesn't really care about the issue. They only go on claiming how effective the product is for enhancing sexual performance and increasing testosterone levels. Let us try to find out whether those black ants are really working.

Ingredients of Black Ant Pills - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The supplement is claimed to contain only herbal ingredients which have an ability to improve the quality of your erections, improve your condition if you are experiencing impotence and enhance your overall health. The main ingredient in the pills is the black ants that are used in combination with other items including Formica, ginseng, Medlar, Hippocampi, essential amino acids and some minerals. All of these ingredients are undeclared which is the main concern to many medical organizations. According to the research, the product also contains some prescription strength ingredients such as tadalafil and sildenafil. Little information is known about these ingredients which makes the supplement potentially dangerous for health.

Black Ant Pills

The black ant is also known as the Polyrhachis Vicina Roger which is used for the treatment of sexual problems, as well as ailments that lead to those issues. These can be premature ejaculation, poor testosterone production, and impotence. Black Ant is an ingredient that contains some amino acids and other nutrients which are promised to keep your body well balanced and healthy. However, there is no documented research that would support the effectiveness and safety of this component. Thus, you never know whether it will solve your sexual related problems, even if you take the supplement regularly.

Formica Sanguinea targets the immune system. In fact, it works in the same way as the Polyrhachisvicina roger does. It intends to boost the immune system. This compound is badly studied and requires more research to acknowledge its effectiveness. Ginseng is the compound that is promised to increase the body's energy levels and blood flow. It has been used for diabetes, unclear thinking, and male erectile dysfunction, however, its effectiveness is not proven. Some dietary supplements containing ginseng have been found to contain harmful impurities. For this reason, it is highly advised to check with your pharmacist for more information about the chosen brand.

Horse extract is also called Hippocampi. It targets the strength of the male sexual organs, according to the manufacturer. This component is expected to decrease the feeling of exhaustion too. However, there is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of Horse extract in the treatment of male infertility, poor sperm density and sperm movement, etc.

Medlar is generally used for the treatment of fever, sneezing and itching, runny nose, common cold, watery eyes caused by allergies, flu, different kinds of allergies, sinus congestion and pressure, muscle ache, headache, back pain and arthritis. However, nothing is mentioned about its use for the encouraging of sexual performance. Black Ant Pills also contain amino acids and trace minerals which are undoubtedly useful for the human health but they cannot treat any sexual problem. It should be remembered that the supplement has not been approved by the FDA, thus it cannot be considered safe or effective.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer claims that Black Ant Pills do not have any side effects. But the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia managed to test the supplement and found some undeclared ingredients in it. For example, the product contains sildenafil which can negatively interact with other medications which you may also take. In addition, these pills may be risky to the user's health. Common side effects of sildenafil include memory lapse, stuffy nose, back pain, stomach upsets and headaches. In some cases, one may suffer from chest pains, painful erections, shortness of breath and feeling dizzy.

Common side effects of Black Ant Pills are trouble sleeping, headache, upset stomach, agitation, breast pain, high blood pressure and dizziness. One, of its ingredients, Siberian ginseng may lead to nervousness, drowsiness, or mood changes. Ask for medical help if you have fast, pounding or irregular heartbeat. Some people may have a serious allergic reaction with the following symptoms: itching, swelling, rash, trouble breathing and severe dizziness. Another ingredient, Medler, may cause the following side effects: CNS depression, drowsiness, sedation, lassitude, anorexia and gastrointestinal upsets.

Although the manufacturer gives many claims on what the black ant pills can do, most of those statements are false. The pill does not increase the penis size and it cannot reverse impotence. No clinical trials have been officially published. They claim to have their own research but there is no proof that it really exists. The main ingredient in the product could interact with other drugs. The Food and Drugs Administration has not approved the product. The mysterious nature of the supplement is another issue for discussion. It is stated that medical bodies are against these pills. Let us have a look at some of the real users' reviews.

"Black ant pills used to be better than they are now. Recently I bought the product but I noticed that the pills were much lighter in colour than before. I took one pill and broke it in half. It was completely white inside. It is very strange because black ant pills should have lots of green bits inside them."

"Black ant pills did work for me but I had certain side effects. I had a runny nose and a stomach ache. Then I decided to decrease the dosage and to take them once a week instead of three times a week. Unfortunately, I don't see any effect now."

"I ordered some Black Ant Pill a week ago and finally I received my parcel yesterday. I was greatly disappointed to see that the product was expire. I want to say that it is not fair to the consumer who wants to try your supplement!"

Where To Buy Black Ant Pills?

Black ant pills are available in different proportions and can be bought from various retail stores. The pricing of these pills is higher than that of similar products. A single box of four tablets costs between $20 and $25. You can buy them in bulk and get a discount. You can purchase black ant pills from herbal medication dealers online. You will find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

A lot of precaution should be taken when buying Black Ant Pills as they could have severe side effects. I cannot recommend the use of these pills because there are many users' reviews that report ineffectiveness of the product. If you need a high-rate male-enhancement product, you are recommended to look for one online. Before deciding to purchase black ant pills, it is wise to do thorough research on the product.

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