Fertility Blend for Men And Women Reviews - What Is It?

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Fertility Blend for Men And Women is said to be a nationally recognized supplement that was specially designed to improve the fertility of both men and women. It has been clinically validated by one minor study that was conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine. According to the official website, the product has helped a lot of couples, even though this fact has not been documented officially. It is also said to be safe and natural, however, we are going to check whether this claim is true.

Fertility Blend for Men And Women is meant only for those couples who have no health problems but want to become pregnant and to give birth to a healthy baby. It promises to help couples who have failed to conceive on their own. The supplement has a multi-ingredient formula and comes in two formulations for men and women. Fertility Blend for Women is designed to improve fertility by balancing hormones and menstrual cycle. Fertility Blend for Men is meant to improve sperm quality and movement. The official website is very superficial and does not give a detailed description of the components. Both products are manufacturer by the Daily Wellness Company that also offers another product called ArginMax. It is a sexual fitness supplement.

Ingredients of Fertility Blend for Men And Women - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

In fact, the manufacturer doesn't bother to describe the ingredients used in the product. However, I managed to make a research in order to find out whether these products really work. Fertility Blend for Women was made with the use of nutritional components that are generally useful for female fertility health. Thus, it contains Vitex (chasteberry herb) that has been reported to improve hormone balance, increase progesterone production and regularity of ovulations. However, according to website, there is insufficient evidence for its effectiveness in the treatment of infertility. Some evidence does confirm the fact that taking vitex agnus-castus can help some women to get pregnant, but only those women who lack the hormone called progesterone. This compound does not work quickly. It takes from 3 to 7 months to achieve pregnancy. Unfortunately, Vitex may cause a number of side effects and has many health restrictions to usage. We will discuss the issues in the next part of our review.

Fertility Blend for Men And Women

The formula also contains a number of antioxidants, vitamin E, green tea, and selenium. There is nothing special about these components because they are just nutrients for the human body. They cannot treat inability to get pregnant. What these components can do is improve overall health of a woman by reducing the damage caused by free radicals. Folic acid is another ingredient of the supplement. It is useful for the future child because it helps to avoid specific birth defects; however, this compound is not able to make you fertile.

Vitamins B6 and B12, zinc, iron, and magnesium are other nutrients for the human body that improve overall health. Unfortunately, they nothing to do with the reproductive system of a woman. Finally, L-arginine is an amino acid that is promised to stimulate the functioning of the reproductive organs. It works by improving blood circulation in the whole body including reproductive organs. As you can see, the Fertility Blend for Women has a combination of amino acids, vitamins, herbs, and minerals which are meant to improve the overall health of the person including her reproductive system.

Fertility Blend for Men is said to contain the ingredients which can be beneficial for the male fertility health. The first component is L-Carnitine. It is an amino acid that has been proven to be important to the formation of active sperm. According to, it is possibly effective for the treatment of male infertility, especially when L-carnitine is taken in combination with acetyl-L-carnitine. This mix is said to increase sperm count and movement in people with fertility issues. As a matter of fact, this compound can cause a number of side effects.

Another ingredient in the male supplement is Ferulic acid, an antioxidant that is contained in Dong quai. This component may enhance the quality of sperm, however, this fact is not scientifically proven. Website does not contain any information about this component at all. It means that it may be insafe and even dangerous for your health. The antioxidants in vitamin C and E, green tea and selenium improve overall reproductive health by reducing free radical damage. Zinc and B Vitamins (B6, B12, and folate) are critical nutrients in the male reproductive system for proper hormone metabolism, sperm formation and motility.

This premium combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals improves overall health and helps address many of the deficiencies known to decrease fertility health. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that has been shown to be critical to the formation of healthy, active sperm. Ferulic acid, an antioxidant found in Dong quai, has also been shown to improve sperm quality. Besides, this compound is associated with a great number of side effects. The antioxidants in Fertility Blend for Men include vitamin C and E, selenium and green tea which can improve the overall health of a man but cannot directly influence the reproductive male system. Zinc and B Vitamins are also nutrients which participate in hormone metabolism.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Fertility Blend for Men And Women does not mention about any possible side effects or adverse reactions associated with the product. However, they do exist. For example, Vitex agnus-castus contained in the female formula can lead to such side effects as trouble sleeping, nausea, upset stomach, itching, headaches, rash, acne, and weight gain. There can be a change in menstrual flow too. This component can interfere with the in vitro fertilization. It can be harmful for people suffering from Parkinson's disease because it contains chemicals that can have a negative impact on the brain. For this very reason, Vitex agnus-castus should not be used by women with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders.

L-carnitine contained in the male formula can cause such side effects as vomiting, nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, heartburn, seizures, a "fishy" odor of the breath, urine, and sweat. It can be harmful for people with under-active thyroid as L-carnitine might worsen the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The same concerns people with kidney failure and seizureslet us have a look at some reviews made by people who have used Fertility Blend for Women and Men.

"I am 33 years old and we have been married for four years with my husband. However, it has been problematic for us to get pregnant. This was the reason why we decided to try Fertility Blend but, unfortunately, fruitless."

"I have been taking Fertility blend for women for a few weeks but I don't feel well. I have been very tired and exhausted lately. I think this is a side effect of this supplement because nothing has changed in my way of life. I want to continue using the product as I haven't seen the results yet."

"I ordered Fertility Blend for Men because of all the positive reviews. I started taking this product only a week ago but the side effects have occurred already. I have been suffering from serious stomach cramps and severe diarrhea. I will go to the hospitail if it doesn't finish tomorrow. I would not recommend this product to anyone!"

Where To Buy Fertility Blend for Men And Women?

Fertility Blend for Women and Men is available at different retail chains, online retailers (GNC or Walmart) and on the official website. The cost may differ from store to store. Amazon sells Daily Wellness Company Fertility Blend for Women (90 capsules by Wellness Daily) for $27.

My Final Summary

I cannot recommend Fertility Blend for Men And Women because it is associated with a number of side effects. Besides, most users claim that this supplement is not effective. Besides, it may require up to 7-9 months to give the first results. If your female fertility is connected with stress factors or hormonal imbalances, you are recommended for a product of another kind and undergo extensive fertility tests together with your partner.

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