Libigrow Reviews - What Is It?

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Libigrow is a male enhancement supplement that is meant to give you harder erections in a short period of time after consuming the product. It is promised to work really fast. Libigrow is manufactured by a company known as True 2 Beauty. It is not very reputable and known but it also makes some other supplements for the sexual health including energy shots, anal numbing sprays, and pills to give women orgasms. The official website is colorful and offers a little information about each product but it seems to be purely commercial as you cannot find basic information about the ingredients of each of the products. You can buy any product directly from their website.

Libigrow is also named Libigirl, a supplement that promises to heighten your orgasms, deliver a prolonged sexual arousal in addition to harder erections, as mentioned before. It is recommended to take one capsule about thirty minutes before having sex, however, the supplement doesn't prove to start working immediately. You will need mentally and/or physical stimulation. Does the product really bring harder and bigger erections as it is promised on its official website? Let's answer this question by looking at its main ingredients.

Ingredients of Libigrow - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The official website does not give the full list of the product's ingredients, however, I managed to find some useful data about each of them. So, let's get started. Libigrow is made up of the ingredients most of which can be found in other "male enhancement" supplements. There is nothing original or special about the product.


The first active ingredient of the supplement is Cordyceps Sinensis. Actually it is a mushroom growing in China that is used to boost sexual desire and increase the testosterone levels and blood flow. In general, this component is used to enhance the human health in general. According to website, there is insufficient evidence for its effectiveness in the treatment of low sexual desire. As the early research suggests, taking CordyMax Cs-4 daily for at least 40 days can minimally enhance sex drive. The compound is not scientifically proven to treat male sexual dysfunction. Besides, Cordyceps Sinensis has many health restriction to usage. These issues will be discussed in the next part of this review.

Cnidium Monnieri is generally considered to be a libido booster, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this belief. People have used this compound for centuries to fight erectile dysfunction in men. But says that there is insufficient evidence for its effectiveness in increasing sex drive and sexual performance, as well as in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) and infertility (difficulty having children).

Chinese Ginseng seems to improve the state of a man who suffers from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but there is no clinical proof of the fact. It can be possibly effective for erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, and low quality of sexual arousal. Another ingredient of the supplement is Dodder seed which is thought to increase the frequency of sexual thoughts in men, however, I failed to find any information about this use online.

Vitamin A is useful for overall health of the user as it takes part in many different processes in the human body but it cannot directly influence the sexual health of a man. Another product's component, Niacin, is able to widen blood vessels in the human body. This may be helpful for the male reproductive organs, but this can be harmful for the health in general, especially for people who have problems with their blood pressure. Zinc which has shown to be in direct correlation to testosterone. However, according to, this component is ineffective for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men. According to a big research, zinc supplementation does not influence the condition of sexual function, but it can be useful for people suffering from zinc deficiencies. Astragalus root is an ancient Chinese herb that was used to increase energy levels and boost sex drive in weak men. But I cannot find the same claim on many medical websites.

As you can see, the product's formula contains no special ingredients, but it can lead to the number of side effects. Besides, many of the supplement's components may be restricted to usage by some categories of people.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Libigrow is associated with numerous side effects which might be harmful for the human health. They include blurred vision, headaches, rapid nausea, and heartbeat. These side effects are mild, but the others may be more severe. They depend on the person who uses the product. Many users claim to feel anxious and nervous when using the supplement. Some of them have reported cases of severe headaches and feeling extremely restless. The product should be avoided by men under treatment of blood pressure medications as well as those who have heart conditions. It is also highly recommended not to take alcohol. The supplement may be dangerous for patients with such auto-immune diseases as lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus, SLE), multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), etc. Cordyceps contained in the product might cause these illnesses get worse. Cordyceps should be avoided by people with bleeding disorders and those who are going to have a surgery.

Another component of the product, Panax ginseng, can be unsafe when taken for too long (more than 6 months). Most people experience trouble sleeping (insomnia), while others suffer from increased heart rate, headache, high or low blood pressure, loss of appetite, itching, diarrhea, rash, mood changes, dizziness, etc. Uncommon side effects include liver damage, severe rash and serious allergic reactions. Let us have a look at some Libigrow customer reviews.

"I did not experience any positive results when using libigrow. I bought it only because there are many positive reviews about the product, but they are obviously fake."

"Libigrow did not work for me. It is the worst male booster I have ever tried. It did not only work but also caused me severe headache and nausea. I will not buy it again!"

"My LibiGrow's side effects are very unlike many other pills I have tried. I didn't feel anxious or agitates, on the contrary I felt so exhausted as if I haven't slept all night. By the way, I did notice problems with falling asleep."

Where To Buy Libigrow?

Libigrow can be bought from its official website. A bottle of 30 pills costs $90. The product is also available at Amazon, GNC or Walmart where it costs a bit cheaper. You may see the supplement in sale at a convenience store, sex shop or gas station too.

My Final Summary

I don't think that Libigrow will help you to get rid of your sexual issues because it is associated with numerous users' reviews reporting ineffectiveness of this supplement. Besides, some users tell about experiencing side effects after using Libigrow. They say that the manufacturer has changed the formula, so that the product works in a different way. There is some confusion with the ingredients listed on the label and those listed online. You are recommended to try another product of a more reputable company.

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