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Most men are sure that they have small penises, but, in fact, only some of them really do. Nevertheless, it is never bad to make your penis bigger if you wish to. There are many reasons for getting a small penis from nature. These factors can vary from medical ones to those connected with a trauma. The majority of men with small dicks have got their problem since childhood. Other men started their lives with a normal-sized penis, but it became smaller when they were getting older due to obesity, definite diseases, or long-term medication usage.

Medical causes of small penises include reduced prenatal androgen production or effect, certain defects of testosterone synthesis, inadequate pituitary stimulation, androgen insensitivity syndromes, and other forms of congenital hypogonadism, abnormal testicular development.

Micropenis can be the result of different genetic malformation syndromes, malfunction of certain genes and in-utero exposure to some estrogen based medications connected with genital abnormalities.

What Is Male Extra and How The Product Called MaleExtra Can Help?

Male Extra

However, some men simply want to make their normal-sized penis bigger for different reasons. A surgery is not a good decision for most of such men. Here where penis enlargement products come to help. Male Extra is one of the best male growth supplements available on the modern market. These pills have a unique combination of ingredients that are meant for improving male health mainly by enhancing blood flow and the health of penile cells. What is even more important is that this supplement works without additional medications and any side effects. Its goal is to provide you with a larger penis and harder erections.

Male Extra has also focuses on better production of nitric oxide in the male body. Nitric oxide plays an important role for providing and maintaining firm erections. That is why for men with poor penile health nitric oxide is the best solution for treatment. The product has been studied at the Science University and Research Centre. It was officially documented that the supplement worked for actual users of MaleExtra. So, the manufacturer promises that this product will help you to gain additional inches for your penis. It can increase your organ by up to three inches in length and girth. Most guys have reported getting fuller erections. Thus, the maker also guarantees getting firmer erections and stronger orgasms. The ingredients work through boosting blood flow and natural hormonal production.

Ingredients of Male Extra - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Before taking any male enhancement supplement, it is important to ensure that it contains only natural and safe ingredients. That is why you are recommended to choose the right product the ingredients of which are safe for a man and proven to be effective. Male Extra contains several basic ingredients. Let us discuss them.


Male Extra is the first male-enhancement product that includes Pomegranate 40% ellagic. There are 500 mg of the fruit in each pill. According to the recent research, this core ingredient has powerful antioxidant properties that are able to fight prostate cancer.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is another ingredient in Male Extra whose main purpose is to enhance the development of healthy body cells. Usually there is lack of MSM in penile cells which can make them weaker or more rigid, interfering with full erections. L-Arginine is an amino acid that is no less important for your cells. Its breaking down in the human body releases nitric oxide which is irreplaceable for the male health and bog steady erections. Nitric oxide proves effective in dilating the blood vessels in the male organ, as well as in improving the blood flow for firm erections. The penile cells are very elastic, so the better blood flow causes the bigger these cells become and the bigger erections you enjoy.


Creatine is a natural substance that can be found in the human body. It supplies the whole body with energy, including the muscle tissue. By consuming this ingredient, the user is expected to create more ATP, and as a result, be more energized. Low levels of creatine can worsen the processes of contraction and expansion of muscles.

Cordyceps is a Greek name of a plant which literally means "club head." This plant has been used for many hundreds of years for improving sexual energy and sex drive, as well as the general health.


Zinc is another ingredient in Male Extra that plays a vital role in male health. There is enough evidence to prove that zinc promotes sperm production and its health. That is why it is important to consume zinc in your daily diet. The product contains 45 mg of zinc in every pill.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Male Extra has been thoroughly studied and proven that over a period of three to six months, the user will see an increase in his penis size of about 2.6 inches. But to achieve this result you will need to strictly follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and your health provider. To improve the effect of the supplement it is advised to stick to the right food regimen. The matter is that Male Extra is beneficial not only for the sexual sphere but for the complete body. However, it will not solve all of your physical problems overnight.

Due to the safety of ingredients, this male enhancement supplement is not supposed to lead to any dangerous side effects. The results of using the supplement can vary, as you have an opportunity to consider certain factors that influence the effect of Male Extra. These include chronic diseases such as diabetes, general physical health, the user's diet and exercise regimen. The main thing here is to realize that this supplement can work only in cooperation with your lifestyle. Men who adhere to the regimen manage to increase their penis size up to 8 inches in length. Besides, Male Extra also increases the user's libido and stamina.

When used correctly, the product has no side effects because it is an all-natural supplement. However, you should avoid overdosing, otherwise, you may face such issues as nausea and stomach cramping. You can find numerous positive users' reviews online. Here are some of them.

Why Should You Choose It?

If you don't have any problems in your bedroom and you still feel young and healthy, keep in mind that sooner or later each man faces the problems in his sexual life. In any case, don't worry, because Male Extra is always there to help you.


Male Extra is highly beneficial for the health of each man. It works in a natural and safe way to help you get and maintain hard erections, to demonstrate super performance in bed, to control your ejaculations and to get more intensive orgasms without any adverse reactions for your body.

How to Use Male Extra?

There is nothing difficult with taking Male Extra. You will need to take just three pills of the supplement a day and enjoy the results. Most customers report having positive results from using the product.

My Final Summary

Before deciding to buy Male Extra, get acquainted with the list of pros of this supplement to help you get the whole picture of this product. One of the biggest advantages of using Male Extra is that it can be taken only once a day. It is recommended to take these capsules at about the same time each day. Another advantage of Male Extra is that its effectiveness is scientifically proven, and there is evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of the product. So, there are many reasons to try Male Extra, as it will bring you a lot of benefits.

Where To Buy Male Extra?

The Best place to buying Male Extra is from its official website. In this way, you will avoid scams and fake products. These pills are not available on major web retailers like

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