Pos-T-Vac Reviews - What Is It?

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Pos-T-Vac is a product that is advertised to be an alternative to boost male sexual performance without a surgery. It is a non-invasive way to become more manly. In fact, it is a device that is placed on the male penis to maintain erection as long as it is required. The basic Pos T Vac "Stay Erect" system can be bought directly from its official website. By the way, the website is professionally made but it is not informative enough as to know that the product is really effective and safe. It costs about $150.00 with all additional parts of the system. The company behind Pos T Vac also manufactures some other products in their range. They are based somewhere in the USA, the exact address is not given. It means that the company is not reputable and cannot be trusted completely. Pos T Vac can also be also purchased from retail stores online.

Before and After Photos of Pos-T-Vac - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

In order to get an erection, a man needs some stimulus that creates a reaction in his brain and the body responds by causing the penis arteries to expand. When this happens, blood flows into the penile area and fills up the penile tissues making the penis bigger and harder. The result of filling of the spongy tissues with blood is called an erection. The body of a healthy man is able to firmly sustain this erection until the end of the sexual intercourse. It is possible due to the body's ability to close the back flow valves in the penis veins. Once these valves are well closed, the blood in the penis is held there. It means that a man has a good erection.


But some men may suffer from erectile dysfunction. In this case, the male body is unable to form or sustain an erection in a proper way. This makes a sexual intercourse impossible. These problems with erections can be caused by the disease of the cardiovascular system when it is unable to pump enough blood into the penis, by inability of the veins to trap the blood in the male organ, or by the neurological reaction in the male brain which makes it unable to react to the sexual stimulus.

The Pos T Vac Vacuum Therapy Systems are promised to help you create and hold an erection despite any issues including ED. According to the manufacturer, the system is created in correspondence with simple principles of physics. The device works with the usage of vacuum that creates negative pressure which helps to draw the necessary amount of blood into the penile area. After the blood has been drawn into the penis, the user has to place a support ring around the base of the penis not to allow the blood flow out on the penile tissues and spoil the erection.

The manufacturer's official website contains a number of before and after photos of the people who used the Pos-T-Vac system. The results seem to be hopeful, however, I am not sure that these are the photos of real people who had an experience of using the device, so I cannot trust them completely.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Pos-T-Vac manufacturer doesn't speak about any possible side effects in association with the usage of the system. As a matter of fact, the official website does not give information on the material from which the device is made, so it is not excepted that users may suffer from allergic reactions such as skin irritation and rash. It is not even mentioned how long the device can be used not to harm the male body. It makes me think that the manufacturer is not very concerned with the health of their customers.

Pos-T-Vac is supposed to be a protected way of maintaining erection for guys, but only when used correctly. Improper use of the device can lead to certain problems including skin damage and injuries. There are reports when men had accidentally their testicles sucked up into the cylinder. These scaring scenarios led to terrible pain and discomfort while using the pump. Fortunately, they did not get a permanent injury.

Another record of unsuccessful use of this vacuum remedy tells the story when the end of the cylinder torn ligaments at the penis foundation because of using the device for a long period of time. It is advised to use the pump only when it is needed and not to overuse it. Before using the pump, read attentively the directions and warnings on its label. This is your safety and your health. As you can see, this device can be harmful and even dangerous. Let us read a few reviews of men who had an experience of using it.

"Pos-T-Vac is a torture device. I bought it a week ago and since then I have tried to use it twice but resultless. The pain was so great, that I could not bear it not to mention making love after that. Having a ring on your penis is also a torturous activity. I had a sore pointer after I removed the ring."

"PosTVac is really simple to set up and use but it has the greatest disadvantage. It is the pain and discomfort it causes while using. I cannot think about pleasure with this thing on my penis. I think I have to look for another way to maintain my erections."

"After two tries z Pos T Vac pump showed the results but the ring was very painful to wear and I didn't last even 20 minutes. This device is no better than much cheaper brands. By the way, despite the package was sealed, three important pieces were missing."

Where To Buy Pos-T-Vac?

Pos-T-Vac can be bought from the manufacturer's website which offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The cost of the product is about $150. The device can be also purchased from such retail stores as Walmart, Amazon and GNC. The prices differ. Walgreenz sells Pos-T-Vac Medical Grade Vacuum Erectile Erection System for $121 with discount of $29.00 (19%).

My Final Summary

Pos-T-Vac can hardly help you reach and maintain erections because it is surrounded with numerous negative reviews from unsatisfied customers. Many of them say that the experience of using this device is uncomfortable, painful and, in some cases, unbearable. They are unhappy with the device especially taking into account its price of $159.99. there are much more cheaper units of the kind on the market. Besides, this system is more expensive than many oral capsules. In addition, additional parts are an extra cost. I cannot recommend Pos-T-Vac because it cannot be used safely.

Affordable Alternative

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