Testo Vital Reviews - What Is It?

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Testo Vital is a new testosterone booster that is made for men who wish to feel more active, look better, and have good physique goals. Low testosterone levels can lead to a lot of unpleasant effects such as lack of energy in the gym and in bed, adding fat in your torso and stomach areas, as well as loss of muscle mass. Test Vital is supported to improve your exercise routine, increase your energy levels and enhance your general well-being. This supplement is claimed not to contain any stimulants, chemicals or artificial ingredients. The manufacturer of Testo Vital does not produce any other supplements. It means that this company is not reputable or experienced, thus, you should be careful with taking their product. This pharmaceutical company is located in America and has its official website. The website is not very informative though. It only lists the ingredients in the product without any description or possible adverse reactions.

Ingredients of Testo Vital - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The product is based on natural ingredients, according to the manufacturer but the latter does not describe any of them or provides scientific proof of their effectiveness and safety. The supplement is said not to contain stimulants, So, what are the ingredients in Testo Vital? While some testosterone boosters have only a few components, this one contains a very long list of ingredients. It is not always good because combining many components requires real professionalism and knowledge of the properties of each compound.

Testo Vital

Horny Goat Weed Extract is a plant that's been used in medicine for many years despite its possible adverse reactions, especially in people with low blood pressure and bleeding disorders. Its mechanism of action is not known but it is believed to increase testosterone and energy levels. More research is required to prove its effectiveness. Another ingredient in the supplement is Tongkat Ail Extract which has been used in Malaysian and Indonesian medicine as a tonic and for the treatment of different issues. Its properties of a testosterone booster are under question and need more research to prove its efficacy. I have always wondered how can people risk their heath for the sake of getting more energy and improving their sexual life. In fact, there are many other ways to increase testosterone levels without health dangers.

Saw Palmetto Extract is another component of Testo Vital. This plant also lacks research on its usefulness as a testosterone booster. Even though it is usually not associated with side effects, but this compound can interact with numerous medications, that is why you should be careful if you take any drugs on a regular basis. Orchic Substance is not a very popular ingredient in male-enhancement supplements, probably because it has no scientific back up that it has any benefit for testosterone levels. There is insufficient evidence for its effectiveness in maintaining testicle health in men. Even though it is made from ground bull testes, it does not necessarily mean that this substance is effective for the male health. One research suggests that it doesn't work at all.

Wild Yam Extract comes from a wild sweet potato, and does have one scientific research backing up its benefit as a source of plant sterols. The latter are building blocks of steroid hormones, including testosterone. Nevertheless, there is lack of evidence proving its effectiveness for increasing energy levels and sex drive. Another ingredient in the product is Sarsaparilla. It can be found in real root beer and is claimed to support normal testosterone levels, however, more research is required to confirm this effect.

The Testo Vital manufacturer claims that Nettle Extract supports the production of testosterone, however, website medmd.com says completely nothing about this property. This component is useless, in fact. Besides, it has interactions with numerous medications. Finally, Boron is the last but probably the most researched of the ingredients in the product. It has some evidence to increase testosterone levels, to give more strength, energy, and muscle mass.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The Testo Vital manufacturer claims that their product was tested in the laboratory, is safe to use, approved by experts and is scientifically proven. Thus, it should not have side effects. But if we look at each of the ingredient in the formula of Testo Vital, we will see that in reality these pills do not meet the highest international standards of quality and safety as claimed by the manufacturer. On the contrary, some components can cause certain side effects. Let's have a closer look at the adverse reactions they may have.

Horny goat weed can be unsafe if it is used too long or in high doses. It can cause dry mouth, dizziness, thirst, vomiting, spasms, nosebleed and severe breathing problems. Taking this compound can lead to the heart arrhythmia. It should be avoided by patients with bleeding disorders, those just after the surgery and people with low blood pressure. The side effects from taking Tongkat Ali can include raised aggression and restlessness. Saw palmetto is able to slow blood clotting, increase the risks of bruising and bleeding and can interact with a number of medications.

Wild yam is can cause vomiting and should not be taken by people with Protein S deficiency as it can increase the risk of forming clots. Sarsaparilla might lead to stomach irritation, should be avoided by patients with asthma and kidney disease. Stinging nettle should not be taken by mouth for more than two years. It might cause sweating and stomach complaints. There is some evidence that this compound can decrease blood sugar levels and blood pressure, so it should not be taken by people with diabetes and hypotension. It can be also harmful for patients with kidney problems.

While taking this supplement be sure to follow some of the next suggestions. Drink plenty of water and don't get dehydrated, pay attention to your diet and enrich it with healthy foods. Avoid alcohol, smoking and stresses. Do not overdose Testo Vital. It is also recommended to consult a doctor to check your health conditions and drug interactions with Testo Vital. Let us have a look at several users' reviews associated with the use of this supplement.

"I have always had problems with my erections. I thought the problem was in my physiology, so I decided to try Testo Vital but it didn't help me. Now I am thinking about visiting a psychologist. Maybe it's all about my brain"

"My wife got tired with the excuses like "today I'm not in the mood". I had a very low sex drive. So I tried Testo Vital and it really helped me a bit. But I couldn't cope with stomach aches, so I had to stop using this product"

"TestoVital did not make a difference to me. One of my friends advised this supplement to me and I tried. But I did not notice any change in bed, so I cannot recommend it to anyone"

Where To Buy Testo Vital?

If you are interested in this supplement, it is available exclusively online. It is better to buy it from the official website. Free trial offer for 10 days costs $5 further your credit card will be charged $90 each month. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

Testo Vital is not the testosterone booster that deserves your attention because it has numerous drawbacks. Many users are not satisfied with the service of the auto-shipping feature. They are charged money even if they manage to cancel their enrollment. Some ingredients in the supplement are not researched enough, so they can be dangerous for the human health. Besides, many customers report having no positive results after using the product. I would advise you to look for another testosterone boosting supplement that would be effective and less risky.

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