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If you are a man you would probably not refuse from an opportunity to increase the amount of your sperm. Believe it or not but a big amount of semen is very exciting not only for him but for her as well. So, why do men wish to increase the volume of their sperm? The main reason for this desire is that every man wants to feel more masculine and productive. Besides, it is a scientifically proven fact that the more sperm you ejaculate the greater your orgasm is. That is why many modern men are looking for ways to do it.

At the same time, there are males who have an extremely low amount of semen when they ejaculate. It may mean even inclination to develop infertility in the future and should be a serious concern. But what causes low semen production? The first one is varicocele which means that a man has varicose veins around his testicles which worsen blood circulation in this area. This is not good for sperm production and can even lead to low levels of testosterone. Infection such as mumps during puberty can influence how a male produces sperm. This virus destroys cells responsible for semen production.

What Is Volume Pills and How The Product Called VolumePills Can Help?

Volume Pills

Another reason for low amount of sperm can involve trauma that can negatively influence blood circulation and decrease the amount of oxygen in the testicles. Harmful chemicals such as hydrocarbons, pesticides, and plastic softening solutions, as well as heavy metals can stop hormone production in the male body. If you have low semen production you can use some methods to improve it. For this issue healthy diet plays an important role as well as regular exercising. Aerobic exercises increase blood flow in the whole body and transport oxygen to help semen production. It is also recommended to drink plenty of water and stop smoking and drinking. They say that regular masturbation and sex stimulate sperm replication. Thus, it is advised to ejaculate at least two times a week to increase density and quantity of semen.

The modern market offers a great variety of options which help to increase the volume of sperm. Probably the best one is VolumePills which is known for its natural ingredients. The product helps to effectively and safely increase testosterone levels and blood flow in your sexual organs, thus stimulate the production of semen. Its main herbal supplements include Xi Lan Rou Gui and Hua Fen that dilate blood vessels improving the blood flow in the testicles and penis. These herbs also provide stronger erections.

Ingredients of Volume Pills - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Volume Pills is produced by a reputable company that is known for a number of other supplements specially created for the support of normal sexual life. The product includes natural nutrients, aphrodisiacs and herbals in a precise dosage thoroughly estimated to maximally nourish the reproductive system of a man. Besides, it has been approved by leading doctors in the USA. At the same time no prescription is required! If take daily Volume Pills helps to increase the amount of semen for your orgasms. Your penile muscles will have to contract harder to ejaculate all sperm, so you are going to have stronger orgasms. Let us have a look at the active ingredients in this magic supplement.

Xi Lan Rou Gui

Solidin is a proprietary herbal component that contains substance known as L-Dopa. The latter stimulates your brain to release more dopamine which results in better sexual pleasure. Solidin has been thoroughly studied in Malaysia and has been proven to significantly increase sex drive. It also enhances sexual performance and motivation.

Xi Lan Rou Gui is a Chinese herb with vasodilator properties. It means that it healps to dilate the blood vessels and improve the blood flow to your reproductive organs. More blood provides better erections. Besides, this herb contains a lot of omega 3 fatty acids, which are extremely important for your heart and overall health.

Ku Gua

Ku Gua is the herb that has an ability to reduce body fat. The more fat you have in your body the less testosterone you have. As a result, you suffer from decreased sperm production and sexual desire. This ingredient contains Vitamin C that benefits to your immune system. Embilica officinalis and 4, 5, 7-Trihydroxyflavone are used together in the supplement. The first one is rich in Vitamin C and second one is a bioflavanoid. Both compounds promote the health and function of your penis.

San Guo Mu

San Guo Mu is another herbal extract growing in exotic countries. It improves sexual health by regulating heart rate and blood pressure. You should be aware that high blood pressure often causes erectile dysfunction. Zinc oxide is the main mineral that facilitates testosterone metabolism and increases sexual desire. Dong Chong Xia Caois an herb that boosts sex drive and increases testosterone production. Xian Mao is an ancient aphrodisiac that functions like a natural Viagra.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Volume Pills is a natural and effective product. Many of its ingredients have been approved by the FDA and tested in laboratory environment. The supplement is not expected to cause any side effects. However, you should not expect that you will get porn star expectations. In fact, this company names two medical authorities who back up the safety and effectiveness of the product. Therapist Marcella Fernandez and Dr. Michael A. Carter have endorsed VolumePills.

According to the scientific research, women subconsciously love men who produce a lot of ejaculation volume. It can be explained by a woman's natural desire to reproduce. Volume Pills is a safe product that also offers a money back guarantee. User testimonials demonstrate that men who take this supplement for at least 60 days notice a significant increase in sperm volume, testosterone levels and blood flow to the penis. They also experience harder erections, bigger appetite for a sexual intercourse and sexual thoughts. They are also able to control their erections and ejaculations.

Why Should You Choose It?

If you seem not to have problems with your semen volume but still you would like to feel more masculine, you can benefit from Volume Pills. The product is known for boosting testosterone production in the male body and to provide harder and longer erections. You are certain to see the rise of your overall confidence, which will increase your attractiveness and ability to please a woman in the bedroom.


Volume Pills is a natural supplement that works where it is necessary without any side effects. It is specially designed for people who have too weak orgasms or barely ejaculate a few dozen droplets of semen. This product increases fertility and strengthens penis muscles, eliminates premature ejaculation and helps to control your sexual experience.

How to Use Volume Pills?

It is recommended to take two capsules of Volume Pills a day with a glass of water. It is better to take the pills after breakfast. The best results are expected in three months.

My Final Summary

Volume Pills has a lot of advantages. These pills do not only increase your semen volume but offer you stronger and longer erections. The product guarantees more pleasurable sexual encounters with your partner, make your brain produce more dopamine, boost your testosterone levels and increase your sexual desire. Besides, this supplement is 100% natural and causes no side effects. You will be also offered a 67-day money back guarantee. Volume pills are recommended by doctors. Taking into account all pros and cons of the product I certainly recommend it to usage.

Where To Buy Volume Pills?

Although Volume Pills is available on a great number of retail websites, I would recommend buying it on the official website only to get a real and effective product, as well as guarantee.

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